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How to watch anime Baki to better understand the storyline

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watch anime baki - The phenomenon of anime films is quite influential in the world, as well as Indonesia in particular. Since its appearance, a community of anime film lovers has also started to emerge, which then streams or downloads anime films that they like. One of them is watching the anime Baki.

The anime film Baki is quite popular among anime lovers in Indonesia. It is not surprising then that many have downloaded the film, especially those equipped with Indonesian subtitles because the latest version is different from the series on TV. Apart from downloading, many also watch streaming through the platform that provides the film.

However, because this film is a sequel, it is not uncommon for people to be confused by the storyline because they don't know the original story and don't understand the order in which to watch the anime film Baki.

Progress of Anime Baki

Baki is a popular anime series adapted from the manga by Keisuke Itagaki. Aired for the first time in 2001 as a Japanese animated series. Followed by the first sequel which was released in the same year.

Furthermore, the anime Baki returned to air in 2018, but it was different from the TV series that had previously aired, this time it was broadcast in the form of ONA. Even so, programs in the form of ONA are able to compete with the TV series. It is even able to trigger Baki anime watching activities en masse or nobar among anime lovers.

Order to Watch Anime Baki

For you anime lovers, especially anime Baki, you don't need to be confused anymore in following the storyline. In order to be more understanding and sustainable, here is a list of the order to watch the anime Baki.

1. Grappler Baki

Tells a young man named Baki Hanma who wants to follow in the footsteps of his father Yujiro to become the strongest warrior in the world. To make this dream come true, Baki trains and strives tirelessly to develop his body and hone his skills. He played various fierce battles to win the title of King from the hands of his father.

2. Grappler Baki: Saidai Tournament-Hen

In this section, Baki tells about the success of getting a place in a tournament containing 38 of the best world fighters. This is related to his status as the defending champion in the Tokugawa ring battle. An underground ring battle held by Mitsunari Tokugawa.

3. Baki-Most Evil Death Row Convicts

This section contains a teaser of approximately 15 minutes combined with the limited edition of the 14th Baki-Dou manga.

Watching the anime Baki in this section will be even more exciting if you watch it with other anime lovers.

4. Baki

In this part, Baki Hanma, the main character, focuses on practicing to surpass his father Yujiro Hanma. Baki fights against five of the cruel and brutal death row inmates. These convicts wanted to taste defeat, because they were bored with their unmatched strength. They hope Baki is able to defeat and even destroy them.

Other underground warriors gathered to join the fight to help Baki. The fierce battle between the violent death row inmates against Baki and his friends is very dear if you missed it.

5. Baki Second Season: Dai Raitaisai-Hen

This season, it is told that a legendary Chinese tournament called Raitai will be held. The tournament, which is held every 100 years, contains the 16 strongest fighters from various types of martial arts. The winner of this tournament will receive the honorary title of Kaioh, the strongest fighter of Chinese martial arts.

After knowing the list of Baki anime watching sequences that we reviewed above, it will be easier for you to follow the Baki anime sequel storyline. Enjoy the excitement and tension in each episode, either through streaming or downloading directly from a platform that provides a full version with Indonesian subtitles.

Cloud Hosting Indonesia
Cloud Hosting Indonesia

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